The 42 HP 2WD Massey Ferguson 241 Dynatrack tractor is well-known for its strength and adaptability in commercial, transport, and agricultural settings. It has a number of useful features, including dynalift hydraulics, Maxx OIB brakes, high ground clearance, an extensible wheelbase, a 24-speed super shuttle, and quadra. With its powerful hydraulic lift capacity of 2050 kg, the tractor boasts 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. It can be used for a variety of commercial and agricultural applications. The Massey Ferguson 241 Dynatrack is an affordable option with maximum productivity and a performance guarantee. It has a constant mesh transmission, dual diaphragm clutch, and a 3-cylinder engine. With its huge tires, the tractor can reach a top speed of 31.8 kmph. Multi-disc oil-immersed brakes with quadra and 3-point linkage are also included. In 2023, the Massey Ferguson 241 price tractor will be between Rs. 7.32 lakh* and Rs. 7.73 lakh*. The Massey Ferguson 241 Dynatrack weights 1880 kg and has a 1935 mm wheelbase.