The Mahindra 585 tractor is known for its high performance, durability, and reliability. With a 49.3 HP engine and 4 cylinders, this tractor delivers impressive power and efficiency. It features an ELS DI engine that generates 2100 RPM and a full constant mesh transmission system. Mahindra 585 price at around Rs 6.84* lakhs – 7.14* lakhs in 2023, it offers excellent value for money. The Mahindra 585 tractor comes with 8 F + 2 R gears and dual-acting power steering/manual steering, making it easy to operate and maneuver. It also has a hydraulics lifting capacity of 1850 kg, allowing for heavy-duty tasks. The tractor is built with advanced technology, ensuring low fuel consumption and reducing the need for frequent refueling. In addition to its agricultural applications, the Mahindra 585 tractor can be used for farming, haulage, and commercial purposes. It boasts an attractive design with features like an LCD cluster panel, large-diameter steering, and big tires for better traction on fields. The tractor comes with a 6-year warranty, providing greater durability and low maintenance costs. It is capable of handling various implements.