In the world of firearms and ammunition, choosing the right caliber is essential. Two powerful contenders in this arena are the .277 SIG Fury and the 458 SOCOM. These rounds offer distinctive features and capabilities, catering to various shooting preferences. Today, we'll explore the unique characteristics of each caliber and help you understand the factors that set them apart. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of firearms, this comparison will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. 

.277 SIG Fury: 

The .277 SIG Fury is a relative newcomer in the world of firearms, designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, power, and versatility. This caliber is known for its long-range capabilities, making it a top choice for hunters and precision shooters. The key features of the .277 SIG Fury include: 

  1. Versatility: The .277 SIG Fury is designed for use in semi-automatic rifles, providing shooters with a versatile option for various applications, from hunting to long-range target shooting.
  2. Ballistic Performance: This caliber boasts impressive ballistic performance, with a flatter trajectory and less wind drift compared to other popular calibers. Its ability to maintain high velocity at extended ranges is a major selling point.
  3. High Energy Transfer: The .277 SIG Fury is well-regarded for its high energy transfer upon impact, making it an effective choice for hunting a wide range of game.

458 SOCOM: 

The 458 SOCOM, on the other hand, is renowned for its sheer power and stopping capabilities. This caliber was developed for short to medium-range engagements, and it has earned a reputation for its stopping power, making it an ideal choice for self-defense and hunting. Key features of the 458 SOCOM include: 

  1. Stopping Power: The 458 SOCOM is capable of delivering significant stopping power, making it an excellent choice for close-quarters self-defense and hunting applications. It's often used to take down larger game.
  2. Compatibility: The 458 SOCOM can be used with existing AR-15 platforms with minimal modifications, making it an attractive choice for those who already own AR-15 rifles.
  3. Heavy Hitting: This caliber offers heavy-hitting performance, with larger and heavier projectiles compared to many other calibers. It's particularly well-suited for subsonic loads, which can provide effective and quiet shooting.

Comparing the Two: 

While both the .277 SIG Fury and the 458 SOCOM have their merits, they cater to different shooting preferences and scenarios. The .277 SIG Fury excels in long-range precision shooting and offers a flatter trajectory, making it ideal for target shooting and hunting at extended distances. In contrast, the 458 SOCOM is all about raw power and stopping capabilities, making it a great choice for close-quarters self-defense and hunting larger game. 

When choosing between these two calibers, it's essential to consider your intended use. If you're a precision shooter or a long-range hunter, the .277 SIG Fury could be your best bet. On the other hand, if you prioritize stopping power and versatility with your existing AR-15, the 458 SOCOM is a compelling option. 


The choice between the .277 SIG Fury and the 458 SOCOM ultimately comes down to your shooting preferences and intended applications. Both calibers offer distinct advantages, ensuring that you have the right tool for the job. Whether you're seeking the precision of the .277 SIG Fury for long-range accuracy or the formidable stopping power of the 458 SOCOM, both calibers will serve you well in their respective niches. Visit Moriarti Armaments to explore the ammunition and firearms options for these calibers, allowing you to make the right choice for your shooting needs.