A Whizzinator is a fake penis with a reservoir that can hold synthetic urine. It is designed to be worn for long periods of time and includes a cotton elastic belt with comfortable leg straps, a prosthetic in the skin shade of your choice, a vinyl medical-grade pouch, organic heating pads, and one 60ml syringe.

The Whizzinator is a toy that allows users to fake urination. It is available in several skin tones and includes a fake penis and a reservoir for synthetic urine. The kit also contains organic heat pads, a reusable 60mL syringe, and instructions for use. The Whizzinator was originally created by Puck Technology in Signal Hill, California. Individuals who wish to know whizzinator touch, they can visit here.

The current manufacturer of the Whizzinator, Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), promotes the device as an adult novelty and prank item. However, it is well aware that the product can be used to evade drug tests. Its website states that ALS “does not sell products intended for any illegal purposes.” The Whizzinator is a device that lets you pass a drug test with fake pee. It consists of a false penis that looks like the real thing, a bag for holding the urine, and heater packs to keep the urine at body temperature. It also comes with an instruction manual. The device is commonly used by people who want to avoid a urine test for drug use. The device has been around for years and is sold as a toy for fun and enjoyment. It is also used by people who want on a drug test.

Whizzinator Touch is an advanced artificial urine device that takes the user experience to a whole new level. It is easy to use and works in a similar fashion to using a condom. Just slip the fake penis into a reusable vinyl pouch and secure it around your waist and legs. This will ensure that the urine will be hidden from view. The kit comes with a strap-on prosthetic in the color of your choice, as well as a cotton elastic belt with leg straps to keep the device in place. It also includes a reusable medical-grade plastic pouch, four organic heating pads that maintain a realistic body temperature for up to 8 hours, a 60mL syringe, and a Golden Shower. The synthetic urine is safe and contains ingredients that are similar to those found in natural urine, including urea and creatinine. The urine is also balanced for specific gravity and pH. It is recommended that you use the Whizzinator Cleaning Solution to ensure that the product stays clean and functional.

Whizzinator touch is one of the most successful synthetic urine options available. Its main purpose is to help people pass urine drug tests. It is often used by employees and athletes to avoid the embarrassment of failing a drug test. It works by mimicking the natural urine process. The kit is very easy to use and comes with instructions for proper use.