Family law attorneys possess a special privilege: helping their clients in ways with far-reaching personal effects. From filing restraining orders against domestic abusers to litigating custody issues, these legal practitioners navigate delicate matters that touch on society itself.

Family matters are often delicate and emotionally charged, requiring a nuanced approach and expert guidance. In Northcote, individuals facing family law issues can turn to the experienced team at Aston Legal Group for comprehensive and compassionate support.

Expertise Across a Spectrum of Family Law Issues

At Aston Legal Group, our team of seasoned family lawyers boasts extensive knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of family law matters. Whether you are contemplating divorce, navigating property settlements, or involved in custody and parenting disputes, our professionals are dedicated to providing effective solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Divorce and Property Settlements

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience. The Northcote Family Lawyers at Aston Legal Group understand the complexities of divorce proceedings and work diligently to ensure a fair and equitable division of assets. Our commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients extends to property settlements, where we leverage our legal acumen to secure the best possible arrangement.

Custody and Parenting Disputes

Child custody and parenting disputes require a delicate touch and a focus on the best interests of the child. The Northcote Family Lawyers at Aston Legal Group are adept at navigating these sensitive matters, advocating for our clients to ensure their parental rights are protected while fostering an environment that prioritizes the well-being of the child.

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

Financial considerations are integral to many family law cases. Whether it's negotiating child support agreements or addressing spousal maintenance, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of financial matters within the context of family law. We strive to secure fair and reasonable arrangements that provide stability for all parties involved.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Financial Agreements, and Consent Orders

Aston Legal Group recognizes the importance of proactive legal measures in safeguarding your future. Our family lawyers assist clients in drafting pre-nuptial agreements, financial agreements, and consent orders to provide clarity and certainty in various family law situations.

A Holistic Approach to Family Law-Adjacent Areas

Beyond traditional family law, the expertise of Aston Legal Group extends to several family law-adjacent areas. Our team is well-versed in criminal law, intervention order matters, family violence issues, as well as wills and estates. This comprehensive approach allows us to address diverse legal needs and provide a holistic service to our clients.


For those in Northcote facing the complexities of family law, Aston Legal Group stands as a pillar of support and expertise. Our seasoned family lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge to each case, ensuring that our clients receive the guidance and advocacy they need during challenging times. Trust Northcote Family Lawyers at Aston Legal Group to navigate the legal landscape with professionalism, empathy, and dedication.